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Parshat Bereshit

5761 This week’s section introduces and contains the theme of the entire Torah; G-d wants man to be His partner.

That is why He created the Heavens and the earth (spiritual and physical) and all the obstacles that come from both.

5762 This opening chapter of the Torah deals in detail with the creation of the world. At first glance, why is the Torah telling us this? What do we care what day the fish or the stars were created? Or that creation took seven days? Or that it happened five thousand seven hundred some years ago? Shouldn't the Torah be dealing with more spiritual, religious subjects?
5763 In this week's section we are introduced to G-d and told of how He created the world.
5764 This week we learn of the creation of the first man; Adam. The Torah tells us that G-d brought all the animals before Adam and he gave them names.

This, at first glance, was very nice of G-d to let Adam participate and make up names… something like a mayor allowing his citizens to name their streets of their town.

5765 Most people, even Gentiles, are familiar with the opening sentence of the Torah: "IN THE BEGINNING G-D CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH"

But at first glance it has no practical importance.

5766 When the Torah was given 3318 years ago through Moses, he instituted that it be read publicly at least once a week to insure that it never be changed or forgotten (G-d forbid). So this week marks the 3318th time that we begin reading the Torah since it was given.
5767 Shortly after receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai 3319 years ago Moses instituted that it be read publicly at least once a week in order that it not be forgotten or changed. And this week, Thank G-d, we begin doing it for the 3319th time.
5768 This week’s we begin the Torah with the story of how G-d created the world (5768 years ago) and....last but most importantly, man. Interestingly the Jewish New Year’s Day, Rosh HaShanna, celebrates this day (unlike the other religions that neither know nor care when it happened) to stress that just as Adam was created by G-d to take care of the world (1:28) so the welfare of the entire world is in our hands.
5769 This week we begin reading the Bible anew and are introduced to its author and main character; G-d, the Creator of the universe.
5770 This Shabbat we read the first chapter of the Torah which begins with the creation the world. The Torah tells us that the first thing that G-d created was light.
5771 The Bible begins by explaining, in great detail, how G-d created the world from absolute nothingness in seven days and even what He created on each day.
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