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Parshat Va'eira

5760 Once there was a very poor couple that didn't remember how to prepare the house for Pesach. Finally the wife began yelling at her husband. "Fool! What type of husband are you? Everyone is preparing for Pesach and we are standing like two cows doing nothing. Go to the neighbors and ask them what to do!"
5761 In this week’s section G-d smites Mitzriam with the first seven of ten plagues. But we see something interesting; before G-d sent the first plague He commanded Moshe to go to Pharaoh and show him a ‘sign’: turn Aharon’s staff into a snake.
5762 This week's section describes the first seven plagues that G-d brought upon Egypt. One of them, the sixth plague, was boils; everyone but the Jews got boils. The Torah (9:11) tells us that this plague was unique because "The (Egyptian) Magicians couldn't stand before Moshe!"
5763 In this week’s portion we see two unusual things. Firstly, in the beginning (6:12) Moses tries to quit his job as leader of the Jews (although, at the burning bush, G-d spent seven days trying to convince him to do it (Rashi 4:6)).
5764 This week's section continues with the awesome story of the Exodus and begins to explain what a long and complicated process it was. Once a month, for ten months in a row Moses and his brother Aaron were commanded by G-d to go into Pharaoh and threaten him with a different terrible plague. Only then did each plague occur.
5765 The miraculous accounts we read of in this week's section prepare us for the future Redemption as the prophet says: "Like the days you left Egypt I will show you miracles." (Micah 7:15) In other words, just as Moses led the Jews to redemption so Moshiach will lead the entire world.
5766 This week's section finds Moses face to face with Pharaoh the king of Egypt (according to some, the king of the world) and from the beginning we see the game is fixed and Pharaoh doesn't stand a chance. Even before they meet G-d announces, "I will harden Pharaoh's heart so I can multiply my miracles and signs. And he won't listen and I will smite Egypt and take my people, the Jews, from Egypt with great miracles. (7:3,4)"
5767 The Torah, besides being an accurate history book, an unequaled masterpiece of timeless literature, the manual of the Jewish religion and the blueprint for creation, is an inspirational-instruction-soul book for day-to-day life. Every idea, paragraph, sentence, word and even letter holds a meaningful lesson in how to fulfill the purpose of our being.
5768 Before G-d took the Jews out of Egypt over 3,300 years ago, He smote the Egyptians with ten horrible plagues. In this week's Torah portion we learn about the first seven; Blood, Frogs, Lice, Wild animals, Pestilence, Boils and Hail. But, at first glance this doesn't make sense.
5769 This week we go a step deeper into Jewish faith; we begin to read about the Ten Plagues. Here we learn that not only does G-d exist and cares about His creation…. HE actually gets personally involved in the world and does big miracles.
5770 This week we read about the first seven of the ten plagues that decimated Egypt and brought about the Exodus and birth of the Jewish nation.
5772 This week's Torah portion tells us how Moshe went into Pharaoh, told him to release the Jews and when he refused, brought the first seven plagues, one after the other.
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