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Parshat Re'eh

5760 Imagine turning on the T.V. and seeing someone split the Atlantic Ocean on CNN. A month later all the papers are plastered with the same person’s picture under the headline “Miracle-man finds cure for all diseases”. But a week later he issues a public statement declaring that G-d no longer wants Jews to put on Tefillin. Would you trust this man? The answer is to be found in this week’s Torah section.
5761 In this week's section we find perhaps the most potent and strange paragraph in the entire Torah: "You are SONS of G-d - don't wound yourselves or slash between your eyes for the dead. Because you are a HOLY nation to G-d and G-d CHOSE you to be a SPECIAL nation from all the nations on the face of the earth". (4:1,2)
5762 This week's section contains fifty four commandments and one of them is to give Charity.
5763 This week's section opens with the statement of G-d. "Look, I give before you today a blessing and a curse." At first glance this is difficult to understand. The word "I" (Anochi) usually represents G-d's kindness and beneficence. For instance the Ten Commandments begin with Anochi.
5764 This week we again read the mystifying laws concerning the 'false prophet' and other charlatans who lead Jews astray. "If there appears a prophet or dreamer...And he makes miracles or signs....And then says 'Let us worship other gods'...That prophet should be killed. etc." (13: 2-6)
5765 This week's Torah portion contains the commandment to ingore the false prophet. If there stands up a prophet....And makes miracles or wonders....And he says let us worship other gods....don't listen to him....he must die (13:2-6)
5766 In this week's Torah portion we find a clear hint at Jerusalem "And it shall be that the place in which G-d your G-d will choose to make is name abide. Bring your offerings etc." (Deut 12:11). Jerusalem is central and essential to Judaism. Not only was it the home for the first two Holy Temples and the direction to which every Jew in the world must face when praying today but it is there that Moshiach will rebuild the third Temple and gather the Jews.
5767 This week's section begins strangely: "See! I have put before you today a blessing and a curse." This doesn't seem to make sense, why would G-d put curses before the Jews? According to Judaism G-d is good. In fact He is the source and definition of good.
5768 This week's Torah portion warns us against the false prophet; a Jew who accurately predicts the future seems to be a holy man and even does miracles but really is a charlatan. Even more, the Torah tells us there is a REASON for G-d sending him; "To test us in order to know if we really love G-d with all our hearts and souls!!" (13:4)
5769 This week's Torah portion contains fifty four commandments and one of them is one of the most important in the Torah; to go to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem three times a year at each of the three holidays and bring sacrifices.
5770 This week’s Torah portion is a continuation of Moses’ final directions and warnings to the Jews before they enter the Holy Land without him.
5772 This week's Torah portion is called 'Re'eh' which means 'See'. It is G-d saying to the Jews "See, I'm giving a blessing to those who keep the Torah and a curse to those who don't.
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