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Yud Tet Kislev

5760 The nineteenth (Yud Tes) day of the Jewish month of Kislev is a holiday that holds a very deep and vital message for every person in the world, both Jew and non-Jew. On this day the first Rebbe of Chabad, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Laidi, was released from prison over 200 years ago.
5762 In the beginning of this weeks Torah portion, we read of Yaakov's confrontation with his evil brother Eisov. The Torah tells us that before the meeting, Yaakov was afraid (32:8) "And he had good reason to be. Years ago he had cheated his brother out of both his birthright and his father's blessings, and now Eisov was coming to get revenge with an army of four hundred men."
5764 In this week's Torah Portion we read about the meeting between Yaakov and his evil brother Asav who had been simmering in hatred, waiting over thirty years to kill him. But Yaakov finds the perfect strategy to appease his ruthless brother; he sends angels (!) to tell him:
5765 This week's section begins with Josef, the son of the forefather Jacob, relating a dream to his father: He dreamed that he and his brothers were gathering sheaths of wheat in a field and when they finished, the bundles his brothers gathered stood and bowed to his bundle.
5766 This week (Monday night & Tuesday) we will celebrate the holiday of Yud Tes (the ninteenth day of the month of) Kislev; the date that two hundred and seven years ago the author of the Holy book 'Tanya' and founder of Chabad Chassidut Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Laidi, often called the "Alter (old in Yiddish) Rebbe", was released from prison after being charged with treason; a crime punishable by death.
5772 Next week, on the 19th day of Kislev (Thursday) marks the 213th anniversary of the miraculous release of the first Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Shenur Zalman of Liadi, (a.k.a. the Alter (old) Rebbe) from Czarist prison which began as a death sentence and ended up in 53 days of incarceration where his teachings and holiness reached the highest Russian officials including the Czar himself.
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